пятница, 1 августа 2008 г.


We act like the habitants of a Kingdom of Dreams, if something wrong happens like an inundation, this will not bother us as long as this doesn't take place there where we live.
Even interesting ideas stopped coming to me, or this is only my opinion? One thing is clear interesting ideas came to me more often before. I like to find interesting thoughts like here and here but i rather find one and the same thing in different places. Why to write on your blog something already written by someone else?
Maybe I don't understand something, but this I clearly don't understand.

четверг, 3 июля 2008 г.

Sunset Beach

Eight years ago I was a student and liked to watch the movie "Sunset Beach" every night. Then I was a different person from now, now I am more smarter than then I guess. I remember that all my friends watched this movie. It was such a fun... the only clear thing I remember about it is the soundtrack, I found that song beautiful. I would like to live in a place like Sunset Beach, would you like this to?

My Mother

Last time I visited London my watch broke, this was upsetting because my mother gave it to me, to my surprise yesterday she gave me an identical watch to the broken one. My mother is one of the best.
Now she is making her luggage and prepares for a holiday on the sea side.
She loves to travel different places. Some years ago met a Cypriot and he invited her to visit Cyprus, there are a lot of beautiful places you can stop at. Most of all my mother wants to see Cyprus monasteries and churches. I hope she will enjoy the holiday and return home happy and full of energy.

пятница, 27 июня 2008 г.

Olympic games

I watched yesterday the match between Spain and Russia, I expected more from Russian team, not because I was it's supporter, just the game seemed to be easy for Spain. Don't you think so? ... or maybe Spanish team was so good that it's opponent felt intimidated.

Came back from London

I just came back from London, this was the second time I visited this wonderful city and found it amazing. On my first visit there, the weather was disgusting, everything seemed to be so louring - this time was just great!!! Of course I have to thank Dean, who spent a lot of time with me and showed a lot of interesting places and things. Well... I did not manage to see everything I planed but even what I saw would be remembered many years after. The number of galleries and museum are just uncountable. I was at the Imperial War Museum and Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum, Fan Museum and many others. I will do my best to keep you in touch with all my impressions about this city .

суббота, 24 мая 2008 г.


We never can be sure about the wather. On some web sites is mentioned that it will be raining, on another that will be sunshine.
To go to barbeque or not?

пятница, 23 мая 2008 г.


Today every day ring the telephone. The most unpleasant thing is that all the time somebody dial wrong number. Probable is because of the raining wather. But I am fed up with often rains. I would like to go somewhere to the sea on weekends. I found some interesting comments. I will finish reading it at home. There is waiting for me my little kitty. It is the sweetiest creature. I can not understand how people can take as a pet some exotic animals like snakes and raptors. For example my friends have a crocodile. I am very afraid of it and thus I stopped visiting them.